Sunday, 13 January 2008

Dans mon sac

I was tagged by Cheapskate Chic to reveal 6 items that lie around in my bag. I'm not very faithful when it comes to handbags, I tend to use the same one for about three months then I get tired of it and move on to my next victim! At the moment it is this primark one.
Cute, from H&M, was bored of my beige one.

Lucky Strike Silver, always. And yes I will quit soon. Maybe

I've been on this scarf for ages and I really want to finish it so I carry my knitting around and do some whenever I have time to kill.

Moleskine, lovely. Yes I like red.

I am on a diet so whenever it's time so snack I'd rather have these than reach for a chocolate bar...

Yeah I know Beigbeder is a bit cliché but hey.

Now i'd like to tag
J'adore le dancefloor, Mademoiselle Robot and The Dregs.


Audrey Hilton said...

"Au secours Pardon" est un livre assez intéressant même s'il ne pourra jamais égaler 99 francs =)

Mademoiselle K said...

ouaip c clair que j'en suis au milieu et pour l'instant pas très emballée. 99F,le film par contre pas vu,bien ou pas?

Mademoiselle Robot said...

Oooh c'est la premiere fois qu'on me tagge... Je fais ca demain tiens.