Thursday, 6 December 2007

"Good morning,Essex Court Chambers how can i help you?".... the sentence I have repeating over and over since yesterday because of my latest temping job at a barristers' chamber. Very posh indeed.Shame I turned up this morning in cheap monday and white boots.Oops. The job is not too bad since I get to sit down all day (see I am here blogging and facebooking away) while still getting paid £9 an hour.
The only downside is that there is a constant flow of phone calls (I am supposed to be sharing these equally with the girl at reception upstairs, but she doesn't seem to be getting my 'one for you, one for me' approach) which is making me absolutely thirsty.
Thank god i feasted on bread and croissants with Charlotte and Emilie this morning because it's approaching 4 and I haven't had my lunch break yet. (mind you I only started at 12)

I thought it was time for a Xmas wishlist woohoo!
First, a plane ticket to go visit my grandma in Martinique would be lovely. I'm aiming for the two weeks of June, after my internship and before starting to work properly on my dissertation. Two weeks of sunshine, fresh fruit and seafood, swimming in the sea and of course granny love.

Music wise: Boys Noize "oi oi oi" and Modeselektor "happy birthday" (vinyl only please papa noel)

A book!On cinema!With Penelope Cruz on the cover-I love her in the Almodovar films but the fact that all the boys I know drool over her like dogs is kind of annoying.

Then this little baby.Since my camera is still refusing to budge I think I will go fot this lumix and maybe the digital SLR can wait another couple of years...

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