Tuesday, 11 December 2007

chose promise,chose due

Finally,a post about clothes!shoes!aren't you thrilled? I have just came back from my workout at the gym and am absolutely exhausted. Which is back luck cos it's only 1.30pm and I have to go to university for a tutorial,then for coffee then I don't know. Anyway,yes,my new shoes, aren't they cute,and they were cheap as chips too (i love this expression)
Shoes New Look
Record "Mutant Disco" Vol3 'Garage Sale'

This is what I wore at the weekend, seriously I really made an effort this time.Friday:

Vest American Apparel
Dress American Apparel
Belt vintage (well my mum's from the mid-80's)

Top American Apparel
Jeans Primark
Belt H&M
Shoes Office


Miss Woo said...

I love the shoes, but I love your mutant disco vinly more! Cristina everrry time.

Mademoiselle K said...

i wish there were more clubs in london where u could listen to music like that...

lost in the valley of pleasure said...

friday, skimpy! but awesome

April Green said...

Wow!!! Love your shoes it's soooo class and so trendyyyy :D

Coleslaw with a C said...

those jeans are fucking HOT. please tell me you bought them recently?

karine said...

i got them before the summer but i *think* i might have seen some similar ones recently..or maybe they were wide legged i cant remember...