Thursday, 20 December 2007

Baisers glacés

Anyone else in Paris feeling the cold? It's absolutely frrrrrrreezing here but I am brave and just wear two pairs of tights rather than one and enjoy the sights. I have not bought a single xmas present and am slightly panicking.
Dress H&M
Tights Primark
Shorts H&M
Shoes New Look

Margarita is in Paris too until the end of the week and so far we have done a bit of shopping-she found some amazing vintage at Mamie Blue (69 rue de Rochechouart), you can also check (am too tired to do the link bit) and some eating out. Today we're hitting the marais and bastille and hopefully will come back with some more good vintage stuff. Tomorrow I will kick the shit out of h&m and fnac.


Phantomas said...

Yop! Je bouge soir pour les fêtes (dans le sud, mon pays natal...) mais si tu veux sortir ce soir, essaie d'aller au showcase, y'a Soulwax!! Bonnes fêtes!!

Mademoiselle K said...

ah ben justement la je suis en train de choisir mes fringues pour la soirée,ca risque d'etre pas mal du tout :) bonnes fetes a toi aussi x