Friday, 9 November 2007

Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day

It is indeed. I am meeting my friend M. for coffee and I have chosen the following outfit to be both warm and fashionable. (yes mummy i'll wear my coat and scarf)

vest American Apparel
shirt Beyond Retro
cardigan Primark
belt Absolute Vintage

I wish i could remember where the boots were from, they are so old and battered but still my favourite shoes. I think after a year of buying clothes almost exclusively from high street chains I have a craving for vintage clothes again. I am especially after some tan leather boots and a nice big leather bag. I can't wait to go to paris and check out all these shops where you can spend hours rummaging through piles of cheap stuff.I want high waisted pencil skirts, cute blouses and nice shoes in a 7, a bit too much to ask?

Oh also I was bored yesterday so I made lentil and carrot soup.


Anonymous said...

If u wanna kick the other french blogger girls ass u have to do some nudity!they can't do it cos they are to busy matching their cupcakes with the pussy-bow blouses!

Mademoiselle K said...

i know right,i should do lingerie post or something