Saturday, 10 November 2007

Ce soir

So far this weekend London has treated me well. I had coffee with Matthew then went to Amph's birthday dinner and I also got a nice phone call from Emilie who i procedeed to meet today for a quiet drink and chat at prague. This morning I had breakfast with a bunch of boys and it was nice to be the only girl in a group for once-you gotta love the attention.This is the present and card i got Amph for his birthday,is it bad that I got the same one for me as well?Tonight I'm not sure yet but I might be ending up in a warehouse party so I have chosen a practical outfit.(I must apologize for the quality of these images but my camera has decided to
die this week)

Sweater American Apparel
Hoodie American Apparel
Headscarf H&M
Jeans Cheap Monday
Bag Amph's
Keffieh Straight from the market in Tunisia

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