Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pêche du jour

Today I had a couple of hours to kill before doing some temping at Fortnum & Mason so I thought,hey!why not check out primark?!I knew I was going to earn £26 for the work that evening so I decided that it would also be the maximum amount I was going to spend in there.
So i took the plunge and got some wide-leg jeans,I'd never thought I could pull it off but actually they are quite nice.Will have to wear them with heels though,the make my legs look a bit longer.

Then I totally fell for these babies!I love them already they make me feel like I'm a japanese cartoon character!

So the jeans,the boots plus some hot underwear for a future hot date came up to...£26 :)
I'm off to spend the weekend in sunny Nice with my friend Chacha so more gossip and pictures on monday.


nat&dieg said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm are you going abroad?????????????????????????????????

Mademoiselle K said...

yeahrr i'm going to see charlotte in Nice for the weekend!
oh and i was thinking maybe i could come over to yours next wednesday we'll cook some continental food and watch the ugly betty posh spice special!!xxx

nat&dieg said...


April Green said...

WOW!! Nice boots :) :) :)

Mademoiselle K said...

merci!en plus pour £10 je vais pas me plaindre :) cool ton blog!