Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A bicyclette

So yesterday I finally got home, after a good turkish breakfast and a browse in dalston market. I decided to wrap up warm and go for a bike ride to Tate Modern. I also decided it was time to debut my wide leg jeans and it was a bit weird seeing that I am so used to skinny ones. En route I stopped at Coffee@ Goswell road where one of the guys clearly has a crush on me :)

Hat h&m
Keffieh From the souk in Tunisia
Jeans Primark
Shirt h&m
Jacket Primark
Shoes thrift store in New York

Last night I was looking for people from my primary school in Martinique and found my first crush!Not sure if he's going to like that poke.It's funny cos his dad had been engaged to my mum in the mid 70's but for some reason the relationship fizzled out and he ended up marrying my mum's best friend hmm...

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Emilie said...

Je crois qu'on a le meme jean ;)