Monday, 19 November 2007

Back from Nice

Nice was really lovely,it was good to get away from rainy London for a while anyway. Me and Charlotte spent most of the time eating good food, drinking rose and gossiping.We also hung out for a while on the sunny beach and did some shopping. We had some addresses for vintage shops but both of them had been shut for like 2 years so that was bit blah. Ended up in good old h&m and got this checked shirt and belt. Oh and also I found this 3 euros chanel-esque bag at a car boot sale...This is what we got up to...


jeunedemoiselle said...

Très jolies photos!

Emilie said...

Et ba je suis jalouse, je ne sais pas quand je vais avoir le temps d'aller voir Chacha.
j'aime bien tes trouvailles ;)
Il va falloir que je me motive plus pour mettre mon blog a jour!
A plus.