Friday, 30 November 2007


I am angry with my camera situation so I have decided to go on a bit of a photo strike!Well kind of.My digital camera still isn't working and my phone is really really bad,obviously this xmas I should try to replace both.
This week apart from the boring work at the museum of london I have been hanging out with quite few lady-friends for drinks/dinner/gossip which is always a good thing and I should do much more of it.
Also,films,wine,dinner a deux,wishes,this and that...
To make up for my lack of images today,here's John Mayer on his way to the gym. Enjoy.Now go to bed happy.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A bicyclette

So yesterday I finally got home, after a good turkish breakfast and a browse in dalston market. I decided to wrap up warm and go for a bike ride to Tate Modern. I also decided it was time to debut my wide leg jeans and it was a bit weird seeing that I am so used to skinny ones. En route I stopped at Coffee@ Goswell road where one of the guys clearly has a crush on me :)

Hat h&m
Keffieh From the souk in Tunisia
Jeans Primark
Shirt h&m
Jacket Primark
Shoes thrift store in New York

Last night I was looking for people from my primary school in Martinique and found my first crush!Not sure if he's going to like that poke.It's funny cos his dad had been engaged to my mum in the mid 70's but for some reason the relationship fizzled out and he ended up marrying my mum's best friend hmm...

Monday, 26 November 2007

de retour

I haven't had much to blog about last week seeing that I have been working every day as an invigilator at the Museum of London which meant waking up early every day to do a boring job.On top of that two people I would have liked to hang out with decided to go away in the same city.At the same time.But not together.Go figure. The uniform at Museum of London is black shirt,black shoes,black tights,black skirt.Today is my day off so I decided to rebel and wear virginal white!(I didn't wake up in my house so apologize in advance for the bad hair/no make up situation...)

Dress H&M

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Rainy London

London why are you suddenly so wet now? I have to leave the flat in 30 minutes to go watch the "Ugly Betty" with Posh Spice special at my continental friends's house aka The Lazy Ones GQ. I will be brave and take the bike anyway.

What's on your stereo at the moment?I'm always flucuating between dirty banging techno and more quiet stuff.Right now:

Surkin "Radio Fireworks" EP
Jim O' Rourke "Insignificance" LP
Zongamin "Bongo Song" 12"
Los Microwaves "Life After Breakfast" LP

Monday, 19 November 2007

Back from Nice

Nice was really lovely,it was good to get away from rainy London for a while anyway. Me and Charlotte spent most of the time eating good food, drinking rose and gossiping.We also hung out for a while on the sunny beach and did some shopping. We had some addresses for vintage shops but both of them had been shut for like 2 years so that was bit blah. Ended up in good old h&m and got this checked shirt and belt. Oh and also I found this 3 euros chanel-esque bag at a car boot sale...This is what we got up to...

Thursday, 15 November 2007

Pêche du jour

Today I had a couple of hours to kill before doing some temping at Fortnum & Mason so I thought,hey!why not check out primark?!I knew I was going to earn £26 for the work that evening so I decided that it would also be the maximum amount I was going to spend in there.
So i took the plunge and got some wide-leg jeans,I'd never thought I could pull it off but actually they are quite nice.Will have to wear them with heels though,the make my legs look a bit longer.

Then I totally fell for these babies!I love them already they make me feel like I'm a japanese cartoon character!

So the jeans,the boots plus some hot underwear for a future hot date came up to...£26 :)
I'm off to spend the weekend in sunny Nice with my friend Chacha so more gossip and pictures on monday.

Tuesday, 13 November 2007


At the moment I really really want a pair of tan leather boots. Like these ones I saw on ebay for instance. Except they are well over my budget already. Also a nice vintage tan leather bag would be lovely.
I also want the perfect LBD, floaty blouses, cashmere cardigans, grey jeans,and a nice man to accompany it all. Ha.
This weekend was the best I've had in ages as I spent a lot of time catching up with old friends and definitely making up for lost time hmm...

Sunday, 11 November 2007


Perfect companions for a lazy Sunday
"Ed Red Vol.II"
The Make-up "I want Some"
Elli & Jacno "Les nuits de la Pleine Lune" (soundtrack to my favourite film)
Belle and Sebastian "The Boy with the Arab Strap"

Saturday, 10 November 2007

Ce soir

So far this weekend London has treated me well. I had coffee with Matthew then went to Amph's birthday dinner and I also got a nice phone call from Emilie who i procedeed to meet today for a quiet drink and chat at prague. This morning I had breakfast with a bunch of boys and it was nice to be the only girl in a group for once-you gotta love the attention.This is the present and card i got Amph for his birthday,is it bad that I got the same one for me as well?Tonight I'm not sure yet but I might be ending up in a warehouse party so I have chosen a practical outfit.(I must apologize for the quality of these images but my camera has decided to
die this week)

Sweater American Apparel
Hoodie American Apparel
Headscarf H&M
Jeans Cheap Monday
Bag Amph's
Keffieh Straight from the market in Tunisia

Friday, 9 November 2007

Sunny Sunny Cold Cold Day

It is indeed. I am meeting my friend M. for coffee and I have chosen the following outfit to be both warm and fashionable. (yes mummy i'll wear my coat and scarf)

vest American Apparel
shirt Beyond Retro
cardigan Primark
belt Absolute Vintage

I wish i could remember where the boots were from, they are so old and battered but still my favourite shoes. I think after a year of buying clothes almost exclusively from high street chains I have a craving for vintage clothes again. I am especially after some tan leather boots and a nice big leather bag. I can't wait to go to paris and check out all these shops where you can spend hours rummaging through piles of cheap stuff.I want high waisted pencil skirts, cute blouses and nice shoes in a 7, a bit too much to ask?

Oh also I was bored yesterday so I made lentil and carrot soup.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Um.hello then.

So yeah I thought a break from livejournal was necessary so here I am. There will be less bitchy gossip I promise and more fun gossip and pictures.
Margarita cut my hair yesterday and I also got a french looking top from AA which made me feel all french and miss Paris even more.
In the evening I went to see !!! with the ex-boyf (god can't believe I actually have to refer to him as my ex now,sniff),it was fun then we came back to mine and talked for ages over herbal tea and fell asleep in my bed like it was the most normal thing to do.