Saturday, 29 December 2007

Eye Candy

Yes this post is all about my new boots. As soon as I stepped into Jonak I knew they had to be mine-after a swift text to santa claus and a few days of anxious wait we were reunited. What do you think?

Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Aww yeahhrr

I've just bought Daft Punk's "Alive 2007" (live in Paris) and it is so so amazing I have to blog about it. Having been to the actual gig it brings back all the memories and omg that must have been the best gig ever-I guess the combination of drugs/best friends/ brothers/ sisters/dad(!)/superbangers/lovers could only have been a winner. We all danced straight for two hours and I was so hot I ended up hanging out in a vest and leggings. When "Rollin n Scratchin" came on I was seriously about to cry.

Tuesday, 25 December 2007

Merry Xmas

Et oui, joyeux Noel. Not sure if santa has brought the Jonak boots yet-verdict to come very shortly.

Sunday, 23 December 2007

Presque Noel

Despite walking around shops quite a lot this week I didn't really buy anything,apart from a 3 euros floral scarf from Freepstar. I did fall in love with a pair of brown boots from Jonak though and I'm hoping that my personal santa claus got the message and will deliver them on xmas day...
Hanging out all week with Margarita was good even though I've probably put on 100 kilos-who needs a diet before xmas anyway?I particularly liked the Palais de Tokyo and the So-Me exhibition at lazy dog.

Pics by Margarita

Thursday, 20 December 2007

Baisers glacés

Anyone else in Paris feeling the cold? It's absolutely frrrrrrreezing here but I am brave and just wear two pairs of tights rather than one and enjoy the sights. I have not bought a single xmas present and am slightly panicking.
Dress H&M
Tights Primark
Shorts H&M
Shoes New Look

Margarita is in Paris too until the end of the week and so far we have done a bit of shopping-she found some amazing vintage at Mamie Blue (69 rue de Rochechouart), you can also check (am too tired to do the link bit) and some eating out. Today we're hitting the marais and bastille and hopefully will come back with some more good vintage stuff. Tomorrow I will kick the shit out of h&m and fnac.

Sunday, 16 December 2007

Oh yeah

Friday, it was pay day indeed.You know when you go to sleep the day before you get paid all you can think about is shopping and clothes and sushi and drinks with hot boys and kisses and..ok I digress. But my dear friends,it is also xmas soon and I am on a tight budget.I wish i could shop all year long at marc, chloe, isa and miu, but unfortunately, life is not all rainbow-coloured for me. I thought I needed a quick fashion fix, somewhere I could find everything under one roof,for not much. I didn't want to go to h&m because for some strange reason I only shop there in Paris (and it is actually cheaper in euros). I had only one choice left so I said to myself: Primark, hit me! After battling with about another million of shoppers on oxford street I finally go through the golden doors of this cheap cheap fashion temple (seriously they need to open one in Paris). Mostly everyone I know that's been to Primark has a bit of a love/hate affair with it, I try to stay away but then it's so cheap i can't resist it. For £50 I got :a skirt, a bra, a jacket, a leather bag, a t-shirt, 2 pairs of tights and a cardigan. Where else on earth can you do that?

Then this morning, after the usual Turkish weekend breakfast in Dalston i went to AA only with the intention of buying the tights that my friend Katy had asked me for. Then I realised I really needed a simple v-neck t-shirt, a bit loose, so I checked the men's section for one. I felt it was a bit crap to spend £12 on a white t-shirt but then I tried it on and the cut is perfect and it's so soft, I feel like me and him are going to be best friends.
Oh and on the way there I bumped into Keira Knightley and her boyfriend.While tidyding my wardrobe I found this yellow top, which I think I have only worn once because I'm not sure I like it. What do you think?Yeahhrr or not?
Tomorrow I am off to Paris for three weeks, can't wait.

Leather bag and (non-leather) jacket Primark
Deep V-neck t-shirt Ameriean Apparel
Yellow top New Look
Belt and earrings H&M

Friday, 14 December 2007

Jingle bells

Wednesday the weather was so nice for once, so un-London like. I got up early and bribed my partner in crime with lunch and entry to the "Sex and Art" exhibition at the Barbican (well i do get %50 off on food there,plus free tickets for the shows-thanks to my old staff card...) in exchange for him acting as my photographer all day.
I am going home on monday for the xmas holidays and am well excited at the prospect of parisian shopping and eating out. Yeahhr!

Coat Primark
Dress Primark
Tights h&m
Shoes New Look
Hat h&m
Keffieh Tunisian Souk
Belt h&m
Bag second-hand

Wednesday, 12 December 2007


It's not a secret, I am quite a big American Apparel fan.So i put it to the test this morning and went to the gym with a vest,hoodie and hairband from there. I usually go in scruffy t-shirt and sweatpants but I must say I was quite surprised to see that the AA vest resisted to sweat test nicely and the hairband didn't move an inch,even after 45 minutes of intensive workout.
What's YOUR gym outfit? Most importantly,what's YOUR playlist? At the moment mine sounds like this:
Surkin "And you too" (DJ Slugo Mix)
Les Petits Pilous "Jolie Fille"
Para One "Dun-dun-dun" (MSTRKRFT remix)
Boys Noize "&Down"
Justice "Stress"
TTC "Du sang sur le dancefloor"
DJ Mehdi "Pony Rocking" feat Feadz

Tuesday, 11 December 2007

chose promise,chose due

Finally,a post about clothes!shoes!aren't you thrilled? I have just came back from my workout at the gym and am absolutely exhausted. Which is back luck cos it's only 1.30pm and I have to go to university for a tutorial,then for coffee then I don't know. Anyway,yes,my new shoes, aren't they cute,and they were cheap as chips too (i love this expression)
Shoes New Look
Record "Mutant Disco" Vol3 'Garage Sale'

This is what I wore at the weekend, seriously I really made an effort this time.Friday:

Vest American Apparel
Dress American Apparel
Belt vintage (well my mum's from the mid-80's)

Top American Apparel
Jeans Primark
Belt H&M
Shoes Office

Monday, 10 December 2007

Another ebay rant

I am sick to death of getting outbid 10 seconds before the end of every auction!I MUST get an auction sniper or something-it's not the best solution but it seems that's what everyone is doing,because unless you have the fastest fingers and internet connection,I doubt that anyone apart from a robot can outbid someone 6 seconds before the end.
Blahhh!!So I lost out on these babies:

And this original poster:


Sunday, 9 December 2007


Hi. This is me waking this morning,not in my house and not looking very fresh at all. That's why you get after an all night house party in Dalston. It was good fun and I drunk a whole bottle of cava by myself and sang along to "one more time" on the table. I have never been to house party so packed.This is their kitchen. Really.

This weekend has been good though, Charlotte was visiting so it meant a lot of going for dinner, shopping (finally I found the shoes i wanted! also, more to come on my outfits of the weekend later), museums and gossip.
I got into a bit of xmas mood so managed to get a companion to get some gingerbread lattes and cheesecakes.

Friday, 7 December 2007

Love is

A beautiful Jerome Dreyfuss bag seen on ebay,followed by an intensive bidding war: I stop at $155, the bag goes for $157....

Thursday, 6 December 2007

"Good morning,Essex Court Chambers how can i help you?".... the sentence I have repeating over and over since yesterday because of my latest temping job at a barristers' chamber. Very posh indeed.Shame I turned up this morning in cheap monday and white boots.Oops. The job is not too bad since I get to sit down all day (see I am here blogging and facebooking away) while still getting paid £9 an hour.
The only downside is that there is a constant flow of phone calls (I am supposed to be sharing these equally with the girl at reception upstairs, but she doesn't seem to be getting my 'one for you, one for me' approach) which is making me absolutely thirsty.
Thank god i feasted on bread and croissants with Charlotte and Emilie this morning because it's approaching 4 and I haven't had my lunch break yet. (mind you I only started at 12)

I thought it was time for a Xmas wishlist woohoo!
First, a plane ticket to go visit my grandma in Martinique would be lovely. I'm aiming for the two weeks of June, after my internship and before starting to work properly on my dissertation. Two weeks of sunshine, fresh fruit and seafood, swimming in the sea and of course granny love.

Music wise: Boys Noize "oi oi oi" and Modeselektor "happy birthday" (vinyl only please papa noel)

A book!On cinema!With Penelope Cruz on the cover-I love her in the Almodovar films but the fact that all the boys I know drool over her like dogs is kind of annoying.

Then this little baby.Since my camera is still refusing to budge I think I will go fot this lumix and maybe the digital SLR can wait another couple of years...

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Dingue de bottes

Don't you just love boots?They're so comfy and practical and you can just wear them for years. These brown ones are my favourite ever,they have walked with me in new york, stockholm, barcelona, berlin, florence and washington.They're so beaten up and dirty and my mum is always threatening to throw them away but I still love them.
This pair I have been wearing again lately,and like the white boots they make me feel like I'm a japanese secret agent or something.
Date boots.

Friday, 30 November 2007


I am angry with my camera situation so I have decided to go on a bit of a photo strike!Well kind of.My digital camera still isn't working and my phone is really really bad,obviously this xmas I should try to replace both.
This week apart from the boring work at the museum of london I have been hanging out with quite few lady-friends for drinks/dinner/gossip which is always a good thing and I should do much more of it.
Also,films,wine,dinner a deux,wishes,this and that...
To make up for my lack of images today,here's John Mayer on his way to the gym. Enjoy.Now go to bed happy.

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

A bicyclette

So yesterday I finally got home, after a good turkish breakfast and a browse in dalston market. I decided to wrap up warm and go for a bike ride to Tate Modern. I also decided it was time to debut my wide leg jeans and it was a bit weird seeing that I am so used to skinny ones. En route I stopped at Coffee@ Goswell road where one of the guys clearly has a crush on me :)

Hat h&m
Keffieh From the souk in Tunisia
Jeans Primark
Shirt h&m
Jacket Primark
Shoes thrift store in New York

Last night I was looking for people from my primary school in Martinique and found my first crush!Not sure if he's going to like that poke.It's funny cos his dad had been engaged to my mum in the mid 70's but for some reason the relationship fizzled out and he ended up marrying my mum's best friend hmm...